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About Us

Oikoled is a new company with a focus on led lighting and at the same time on electrical work, both in your home and business.

Its headquarters are located in the center of Athens at 56 Panepistimiou Street inside the HERMES gallery.

The goal of the company since its establishment is to offer to the consumer high quality and wide range of led products which, depending on the price, will illuminate your space economically and ecologically.

Our know-how in the field of lighting and electrical consulting and support that we provide guarantees reliable and quality services.

LED lighting is not fashion. New technology led bulbs are the answer to the need for reduced operating costs and energy savings in a building.

At Oikoled we know this necessity and we support it by offering our customers led products of reputable and certified companies both through our physical store and from our online store, which follows the principles of our physical store.

In the part that concerns our electrical services, our experience and know-how will help you in any issue of electrical nature that arises.

We guarantee that your trust will be rewarded with services tailored to your needs and requirements, whether it is for your home or your workplace.

We are waiting for you to visit us to find out the interesting shopping experience from Oikoled.

Info led Bulbs

Light bulbs illuminate our lives.

They activate our emotions, help us feel happy, comfortable, relaxed, safe, efficient.

They support our vision in our home or professional environment.

In the online store Oikoled, as well as in our physical store at 56 Panepistimiou Street in the heart of Athens, you will find lamps that will illuminate your daily needs in an ideal way that is reliable, economical and ecological.

Lamps of all types, colors, watt & Volt, with quality certified characteristics, long life, without toxic substances and ultraviolet emissions and with a great complementary advantage the pleasant lighting effect of led lamps.

Browse the rich world of led lamps through the pages of the e-shop Oikoled, and share if you wish, your questions with the people of Oikoled, who are at your disposal to give you their lights.